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Thursday, November 14, 2019
 MATTCO Fluid Ends and Equipment

Fluid Ends and EquipmentMATTCO specializes in equipment for all makes and models of reciprocating pumps with operating pressures from 150 to 10,000 PSI. All fluid ends, suction and discharge manifolds, strainer crosses, spools, fluid end parts and gaskets, flanges and couplings are supported. MATTCO duplex and triplex fluid ends are identical replacements for original equipment and accept standardized components and expendables. All fluid ends can be ordered with a premium autofrettage process which dramatically increases cross bore life. Many parts can be ordered with premium stainless steel construction or stainless inlays to ensure extremely long service life. All fluid ends and equipment are designed and manufactured in the USA. Custom designs and ASME, ABS, CRN, CE and DNV certifications are available.