Sunday, January 24, 2021
 MATTCO Triplex Fluid Ends

MATTCO specializes in fluid ends, blocks, modules and component parts for all triplex reciprocating pumps. Backed by a three-year, pro-rated warranty against any defects in material or workmanship, MATTCO triplex fluid ends and components are identical replacements for OEM designs and accept standardized components and expendables. All fluid ends are available for order with a premium autofrettage process which dramatically increases cross bore life. Component parts are also available with premium stainless steel construction or stainless inlays to ensure extremely long service life. MATTCO can provide either the 2-piece fluid end design or the valve-over-valve design. For reciprocating pumps over 800 hp; MATTCO recommends the proprietary QUANTUM series. The QUANTUM fluid end utilizes quick-disconnect couplings on the suction side and can easily be adapted to any suction manifold. More importantly, ready access is given to the uniquely configured horizontal suction module for easy replacement of the valve and seat. The QUANTUM design also benefits from smaller length bores which directly results in reduced weight and reduced compression delay with a lower potential for stress cracking. Finally, the QUANTUM design benefits from reduced clearance volume which dramatically improves volumetric efficiencies at higher pressures. All fluid ends and equipment are designed and manufactured in the USA. Custom OEM1 designs and ASME, ABS, CRN, CE and DNV certifications are available. Call us today for your specific application.