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About Us

Welcome to MATTCO Manufacturing

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MATTCO specializes in equipment for all makes and models of reciprocating pumps with operating pressures from 150 to 25,000 psi including all manifolds, fluid ends, strainer crosses, fluid end parts and gaskets. In addition, MATTCO provides custom-tailored pulsation control equipment for liquid, mud and slurry applications. Adapted from military technology used for over 20 years, MATTCO provides a patented maintenance-free suction stabilization and control manifold (U.S. Patent No. 7,621,728) that does not rely on a nitrogen pre-charged bladder or an over-pressurized centrifugal pump. For the discharge side, MATTCO provides an entire line of maintenance-free, pneumatic and patented combination dampeners (U.S. Patent No. D626,819). Taken as a system, MATTCO products improve both drilling efficiency and safety, reduce cost through reduced wear and tear on equipment, and notify the userof equipment problems in real-time before catastrophic failure occurs.


Who We Are

MATTCO Manufacturing, an independent manufacturer specializing in the oilfield service industry since 1947, provides a full array of products from custom engineered components to complete OEM solutions for many of the world’s largest reciprocating pump and drawworks equipment companies.


MATTCO Manufacturing provides three main product brands: MATTCO, TTE and Bear. All products are proudly made in the USA and can be delivered with ASME, ABS, CRN, CE and DNV certifications.


With an engineering design team, a complete weld shop and a full array of manual and CNC machines, MATTCO Manufacturing provides a wide variety of design, manufacturing and refurbishment work for equipment up to 96” in diameter and 25,000 lbs. Call us today for your specific needs.

TTE specializes in XTRA-Life ™ rims and discs for all manufacturers of drawworks. XTRA-Life ™ rims and discs are produced with a special high-alloy material that greatly extends service life and brake-block life by resisting grooving, streaking and ribbing. Service histories show that TTE rims and discs last more than twice as long as non-hardened, Q&T and flame-hardened products.


Bear specializes in instrumentation for all manufacturers of drawworks. The Bear Cat Automatic Driller provides for a consistent weight on the bit which directly results in an increased life span and reduced drilling cost. The Bear Cat Twin-Stop is the premier safety device that sets the brake to stop drawworks motion in both directions. It engages the drawworks brake automatically, in either direction, at pre-set points. As a result, it protects both the rotary floor and the crown block. All Bear products are extremely rugged and simple to install and operate.

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